Farewell Allegany State Park – For Now





Bear Caves.


Was there really any choice in the matter? I just had to take the hike to Bear Caves. Didn’t I?


So; yeah. There’s a trail called the “Bear Caves” trail. And yeah; there really are caves there. But no – there are no bears in the caves.


The park literature explains that bears don’t like the dampness and cold of these caves. But it doesn’t really explain why they are named “Bear Caves.” I guess it doesn’t really matter. It was a worthy walking destination, and it was quite cool to see the caves. No; I didn’t go into any of them. Most of them seemed too narrow, and they seemed to offer only a risk of getting stuck. So I just looked. In one of them I stuck my camera in and snapped a picture around the corner, but the pic didn’t turn out very nicely, so it isn’t even worth sharing.


So, on this last day at the park, aside from a nice hike to the caves, I didn’t do much except pack up the trailer and then drive home.


The drive home was mostly uneventful except for the fact that I almost plowed into a stopped school bus that was invisible over the crest of a hill above Naples. I guess I learned from that to take the hills and curves more slowly. Lesson learned.



Author: eduJamesE

Loves Jesus, but not religious. A bit of an outdoorsman. Academic. Loves learning; loves teaching. A writer and a reader. Guitarist and a beginning mandolinist.

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