Vermont Foliage Journey – Day #1

For months we’ve been looking forward to, and planning, a fall foliage trip to Vermont. After we joined Harvest Hosts, we noted that there were several Harvest Host locations throughout the state of Vermont. We decided, for sure, on visiting Fresh Tracks Farm: Vineyard and Winery, and the Vermont Wildflower Farm. We also knew that we would visit either the Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks OR the Cold Hollow Cider Mill OR the Bragg Farm Sugarhouse. Today our goal was to reach the Fresh Tracks Farm, just south of Montpelier. To reach this goal we would have to cover almost 350 miles, which, at the pace we usually manage, would be nearly 8 hours of travel time. This would be our longest travel day with the trailer so far. A good test of our ability to travel this way.



The drive was uneventful, thankfully, and we arrived at Fresh Tracks at about 3:30 PM. We met Courtney, one of the harvesters, and Sarah, one of the counter servers. Sarah directed us to park our RV along the side of the parking lot, near the covered bridge (walking trail bridge). Sarah was very friendly and informative as she talked with us about the farm and the various wines they produced. I was interested to learn that the name, “Fresh Tracks” referred to ski tracks rather than tracks from wildlife as I had at first thought.


In the evening, Fresh Tracks hosted a musician and a bonfire. The event was very well attended, and it felt fun to be a part of a “happening” here in central VT. The woman who was the singer/songwriter/keyboardist was accompanied by a guitarist. The music was OK, but not much to my liking. Still, it was nice to be a part of this event.


This was our second Harvest Hosts visit. In the first, back in the summer, it was a treat to meet the owners and talk with them at length about their enterprise. Here, we did not have the opportunity to meet the owners, so that was slightly disappointing. It was nice to be able to stay overnight for “free,” and after the bonfire/live music event ended, it was pretty quiet. Our RV parking spot was right next to VT Route 12, so it wasn’t totally quiet.



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