We’re planning our next trip.

How do you plan your trips? Does it take weeks? Months? Do you get into any disagreements with your traveling partners? Is it difficult? Fun?

Our planning is all of that and more.

We’re going to visit the mountains of North Carolina, and our main interest is hand-made mountain music. Bluegrass, old-time, ballad-singing, gospel. We love it all, and we’re on a quest to find as much of it in its original location as we can. We have been using the Blue Ridge Music Trails as our go-to source for information. We’ve pored over the material on that website to find the locations that interest us the most. Also, we are RV-ers, so we are looking for nice campgrounds in which to stay while we do our explorations. We like state and national parks the best, but we are also interested in Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds and Bureau of Land Management campgrounds. We are members of Harvest Hosts, so there are some “free” camping locations available to us. On top of the layers of places of interest and camping locations, I love hiking, kayaking , and bicycling. Then we have to be aware of when events are scheduled and what days museums and so forth are closed.

The biggest challenge is to put all the places and events into a sequence that makes sense. We don’t want to end up with a route that is convoluted and wastes time. We have learned that with this type of travel it is easy to over-plan and leave ourselves too little time for kicking back and relaxing. It has been a multi-faceted, multi-layered challenge, but we are closing in on an itinerary that we think makes sense.

So – readers – do YOU have suggestions for places in the North Carolina mountains that we should visit? What are your “not-to-be-missed” suggestions for us?



Author: eduJamesE

Loves Jesus, but not religious. A bit of an outdoorsman. Academic. Loves learning; loves teaching. A writer and a reader. Guitarist and a beginning mandolinist.

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