Sweetness from Florida Grapes

Today our agenda had us moving about 90 miles further down the coast to a Harvest Host winery in Fort Pierce. They were having their first annual “Old Florida Festival,” with live music, cowboy poetry, and cowboy demonstrations. There would be food fit for the occasion: gator, catfish, froglegs, and so on. We had invited my sister and brother-in-law to join us there, and they agreed to come. (They live about an hour and a half from Fort Pierce.)


After having us sign a bunch of papers acknowledging their (many) rules, and signing off on all sort of risks and liabilities, they had us park next to a nice little pond. We were the first of what would turn out to be three Harvest Host guests, and I think we got the nicest parking spot.


It was fun to see our relatives, and it was fun to hang out together at the festival. The music was pretty good. One of the bands was a bluegrass band (Blast of Grass), and they played a continuous set for over two hours. Those guys have stamina! No one opted for any of the unusual foods. By the time I was ready to purchase some food it was getting pretty late. All they had left was some of the different main dishes and some key lime pie. Since they were out of sides, they offered to give a double portion of meats. I chose pork and chicken ($12 total). I gave them $15 and they said they’d have to round up some change. I told them if they threw a piece of pie in ($6) they could skip the change. They went along with it. The food was excellent, and the BBQ sauce was great too.


We spent some time chatting with a Florida cowboy (known as a “cracker”) named Buddy Miles. He demonstrated for us how he fashions a bull whip out of deer hide. It was amazing to hear and watch how he does this. The finished product is pretty much a work of art.

Buddy Miles.jpg
Buddy Miles

Buddy Miles2.jpg

We found that there were two other parties of Harvest Host “campers” in premises tonight, so we spent some time getting to know them. JJ and Robin were from West Palm Beach, and they were traveling in a motor home. They told us about their son who is is pitcher in a farm team affiliated with the Washington Nationals. We promised to look for him and to follow his career. Edith and Graham were from Nova Scotia and they were traveling in a travel trailer. We listened to the interesting stories of their travels, and they filled us in on some places we missed seeing when we did our Nova Scotia trip in 2011. We’ll have to go back!

JJ and Robin.jpg
JJ and Robin
Edith and Graham.jpg
Graham and Edith

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